GAMOS Management Operation System

management operating system

A management operating system (MOS) is the set of tools, meetings and behaviours used to manage your people and processes to deliver results. A Management Operating System (MOS) follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act improvement cycle to get control and steadily improve process performance.

Puts SME owners and leaders in control and ON their business by addressing issues of

  • Dealing with the limitations of current resources of time, finance, development and internal skills and how to take the next step to achieve their vision
  • Being stuck in the quagmires of running day to day activities and unable to apply their entrepreneurial aspirations and creativity
  • An erosion of their business/life balance, losing valuable time with family and/or friends, unable to find time to follow personal pursuits due to the business

Creates a collaborative and motivational workplace where everyone

  • Understands, shares and embraces the company vision and values
  • Pulls together in the same direction
  • Communicates in a no-blame culture that is open, authentic and honest

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