simulation /ˌnoun

Simulations provide realistic business life scenarios where leaders can be observed in their decision making and given in-depth developmental feedback as they practice the competencies and skills they need to use day to day on the job.

Studies on the impact of simulations on adult learning compared to that of traditional training methods demonstrate

  • 14% higher skill-based knowledge
  • 11% higher factual knowledge and
  • 9% increase in knowledge retention rate

We offer award winning simulations from the Serious Play Tabletop Awards as stand-alone leadership training from half day to two days or as ad-ins to our existing leadership programmes. Our simulations can run online or on site.

Our simulations include realistic business scenarios as well as the theories of premier business academics and address

  • Organizational Change – transforming resistance into understanding, acceptance and support
  • Strategy Implementation – how to engage stakeholders in larger organizations to carry out strategic initiatives throughout the organization
  • Leadership of Multi-location & Global Teams – forming and running well-functioning widely distributed teams through good times and bad

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