entrepreneur /ˌnoun

An entrepreneur is an agent of change who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise in the expectation of making profit.

  • EffE, “Entrepreneur by Force – Force of the Entrepreneur”, is for the ambitious entrepreneur who experiences challenges and seeks opportunity in the coming recession and is drawn to become the High Performing Entrepreneur needed to seize the moment.
  • EffE addresses the question of how entrepreneurs may view the post Covid-19 business world as a glass of opportunity that is either half full or half empty. This viewpoint is what differentiates between striving or thriving decision making.
  • EffE will support your mindset to achieve your full potential, identifying where it is problem focused and moving it to that of a solution-focused aspirational entrepreneur
  • The core EffE programme is delivered online in two 4 hour training sessions followed by 6 coaching sessions.
  • Your learnings will include
    • how to become aligned with the 6 Levels of a High Performing Entrepreneur: Vision, Identity, Values, Capabilities, Actions, Time and Place
    • exploring and grasping the competencies, traits and behaviours that are the backbone of successful corporate global leaders including resilience, negotiation, communication, autonomy, self-awareness, accountability, charisma, delegation, respect, creativity, agility, leadership and balance
  • Depending on your unique requirements we can tailor your personal programmes to include add ons that include hard and soft skills learning, a management operation system that will help you keep that important business/personal life balance

For further details visit www.bbmglobal.pt or email us at info@globalmindworks.ie

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