Jurjen Knoester

Jurjen Knoester

Jurjen is the founder of the Dutch company SteadyTeams.

He has worked with global organizations over the past 15 years as an expert trainer, facilitator and mentor specializing in Personal Leadership, People Development and Team Dynamics especially through experiential learning and learning by doing approaches. His clients include global and local organizations in the logistics, pharma, healthcare, media and banking sectors

Jurjen’s deep passion and knowledge of his topics along with a sensitive facilitation style and progression focus help teams and individuals to open up and connect with each other in a way that ensures that the learning of participants is retained and their desire to further develop and be better becomes a part of their DNA.

Participants walk away from his programmes with more self-awareness, better team dynamics and the ability to stay calm and focused. The result is the creation of a stress free working environment where sustainable high performance is more easily attainable.

“I immediately liked your drawings that made everything flow, your warmth, patience and flexibility that embraced and empowered our diversity, your authenticity and vulnerability in each and every session both in the virtual and the real worlds.”

“Investing in people, especially during times of crisis is crucial to be successful, on a short and long term. With SteadyTeams we are not only capable to develop the right set of competences, but also to create the right team spirit.”  Jouke Schaap - Shuttlewise