Jan Andreassen

Jan Andreassen

Jan is the Founder of GoNorth a leadership development training company that focuses on supporting senior leaders’ ability to work with the three key energies - mental, professional and physical energy. He says that, when company leaders manage their organizations using these energies combined with a commitment to shared values, the quality of their leadership creates better teams that achieve greater than expected results.

GoNorth's programme, Out of Office, is an off-site programme set in nature and away from the distractions of day-to-day operations. It has achieved high praise from his clients including companies such as APM terminals, Gjensidige Forsikring, Canal Digital, Common Networks Ltd., GKG Consulting, Danske Bank and others. The core of its concept is Energize Leadership that taps into the individual potential of each member of the team for the overall benefit of the company.

Jan’s professional background includes fourteen years as the General Manager at Discovery Channel managing all its operations in Scandinavia and previously in consumer advertising where he managed a regional advertising agency.

Jan holds degrees in Strategic Leadership, Business Economics and in International Coaching

“Now we know exactly how we as a team can work towards improving even more.

…. each value to a mental or physical challenge, where team spirit, confidence and, not least, the ability to collaborate were put to a healthy and constructive test. In the challenges, our strengths and weaknesses became very visible and very concrete for us.

Working with our company values in practice was constructive, so we now know exactly how we, as a team, can work to improve even more.

GoNorth provided us with the best imaginable (and the most beautiful!) framework for our team day. The value work and elegant snow, the red cheeks, the sparkling bonfires and the energies of nature each played a major role in our trip."

Ann Forup Helmich - Head of Sales, Aller Media A / S


“In addition to our team becoming aware of new sides of themselves and their colleagues through the conversations, the day also offered a number of activities and exercises that furthered our understanding of the company's values.

The day resulted in a clearer view of each other's strengths and weaknesses, which has also given us a greater understanding of where the focus should be when it comes to teamwork.

Back in daily life, the thoughts and dialogue now go on how to continue to "turn the rope" and think differently - and the importance of listening to and understanding a message.

The day has resulted in a stronger team spirit and mutual trust.”

Michael Barfoed, AFA JCDecaux